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Summertime Toys from you childhood

Now that we are grown up, have jobs and maybe even careers, summer just isn’t what it used to be. I remember a time when I would have 2 full months to do whatever the hell I wanted, which included sleeping in, staying up late, playing lots of video games in my friend’s basements and playing with all of these… RUNNING THROUGH A SPRINKLER DRAWING WITH SIDEWALK CHALK PRETENDING TO BE GOOD AT JUMPROPE COOLING DOWN IN THE KIDDIE POOL TAKING A DRIVE DOWN THE SIDEWALK WISHING I OWNED A PAIR OF MOON SHOES WATER WARS WITH MY FRIENDS SHOWING OFF MY ANTI-SKIP DISCMAN and LOVING SPARKLERS EVEN THOUGH I WAS AFRAID OF HOLDING ONE   Advertisements

Floating Balls of Flavour: Orbitz

. Orbitz was a “texturally enhanced alternative beverage” that was introduced in 1997 by Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation. By 1998, it was gone. No one bought it. Except me and my friend, Ben. Referred to by many as a drinkable form of a portable lava lamp, many unique flavours were introduced such as vanilla orange and pineapple banana cherry coconut. It was a non-carbonated drink with edible balls of flavor that floated in the beverage. What the hell prevented this from selling? Orbitz was wicked awesome.

Crocodile Mile

Not only did Crocodile Mile provide us with endless hours of fun, it also taught us what to do when we see a Crocodile. Apparantly you just run, slide, hit the bump (I assume all crocodiles are around some form of bump at all times) and take a dive. So, thank you Crocodile Mile for the good times and preventing children from being eaten by actual crocodiles with your life saving tips.