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Wayne Gretzky for Pro Stars Cereal

Well yesterday was international cereal day (apparently that’s a thing now) so I figured why not take a look back on a commercial for the greatest cereal ever made: Pro Stars Cereal. How do I know it was the greatest cereal ever? Well, Wayne Gretzky was on the box and he is The Great One, so ipso facto Greatest. Cereal. Ever. Wayne claimed it was great for a athlete’s diet and even breaks down the ounces of cereal to milk ratio which was odd. I just poor my cereal into a giant salad bowl and eat until I hate myself, ya know, like everyone does. The fact that they really felt the need to point out several times that there is no added sugar makes me think there was probably a lot of added sugar. But as the old saying goes “sugar make thing gooder now”. So happy belated cereal day everyone! Enjoy.

Memorable Hockey Players In Not-so Memorable Jerseys pt. 2: NHL ’94 Era

There is one defining moment in each of our lives when it comes to our childhood memories and while it had already happened once when I was far too young to remember (or care), I couldn’t BELIEVE Wayne Gretzky could actually be traded! (Again). This is when it became a shocking reality to me that some of my favourite childhood heroes would not always be on the teams where I first learned about them in NHL ’94. NHL ’94 Era Wayne Gretzky In My Mind: Los Angeles Kings Remember When? St. Louis Blues “The Great One” (or as he is now known as, “The Drunk One”) jumped ship from the LA Kings to the St. Louis Blues in ’95-’96, to hook up with his old pal Brett Hull just in time for a first round playoff match-up with the Toronto Maple Leafs. (More foreshadowing)  It wasn’t bad enough that Gretzky single handedly ruined my childhood by preventing the Leafs from winning the Stanley Cup in ’92-’93 (because we all TOTALLY know they would have beaten …