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From The Archives: 100 Years of Paramount Pictures

In honor of celebrating 100 years of films (65 good ones, am I right?) Paramount has commissioned this pretty awesome poster to commemorate the milestone and you know what? I think it’s pretty neat. Click here for a larger view. And for those of you interested in knowing how wrong you are at guessing, here is the complete list of movies. Row 1: 1980 – Airplane 1986 – Top Gun 1960 – Psycho 1991 – The Addams Family 2007 – There Will Be Blood 1997 – Titanic 2007 – Transformers 2009 – Up in the Air Row 2: 1972 – The Godfather 1981 – Friday the 13th 2002 – Jackass: The Movie 1992 – Wayne’s World 2009 – Paranormal Activity 1986 – Crocodile Dundee 1990 – The Hunt for Red October 1999 – Election Row 3: 1970 – Catch-22 1975 – Nashville 1979 – Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1968 – Rosemary’s Baby 1981 – Raiders of the Lost Ark 1984 – Beverly Hills Cop 1934 – Cleopatra 1977 – Saturday Night Fever Row 4: …

This Game Looks Great…NOT!: Wayne’s World Video Game

Remember ‘Not’ Jokes? Like I would say nice shirts Dave…NOT! Dave would think for a second his shirt was nice but then realize I didn’t think it was nice at all!..Dave killed himself 6 months later. So, the Wayne’s World video game huh? I gotta say I am pretty surprised I don’t remember this one. I knew of its existence but I can’t for the life of me remember playing it. I couldn’t tell you a thing about the plot or game play other than what I have seen in this YouTube clip: I must say the opening is just the right amount of terrible mixed with amazing. I quite enjoyed the extreme closeup and the easter egg mentioning of Zantar The Gelatinous Cube. It seems that the whole game takes place in one (or several) of Wayne and Garth’s infamous dream sequences. If anyone has played this and has any thoughts, feel free to leave your comments. Heck, while your at it, feel free to just say hi, it’s been a while since we’ve …

A Collection of Cast Reunions Pt. 2

And we are back! That statement works on so many levels! Like, first we are back because this is the second installment of Cast Reunions. Second, all these casts are back together for the reunions themselves! I guess it only works on two levels…Enjoy!   Baywatch   Will and Grace   The Pig and Momma (AKA Slater and Jessie) Saved by the Bell   Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky and Danny (Full House)   Mulder and Scully (X Files)   Wayne’s World   Will and Carlton   Robin Wright and Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride)

Wayne’s World Had the Best Product Placement Ever

In a world of Transformer movies just being 2 hour commercials for Chevrolet and Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson doing the same with Google. Product placement is getting a little out of hand. It was on the brink of this even back in the 90s, so along came Mike Myers and Dana Carvey to show how ridiculous it is…they probably got some good money for the movie doing this bit too. Isn’t product placement amazing!

Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

When I was a kid I was having lunch at my grandparent’s house and my grandpa put Grey Poupon on his sandwich. I was blown away because I figured the only way to attain this mustard was to ask another elderly man through your car window for a bottle. I was a pretty stupid kid. These commercials were pretty iconic. I’m sure many people shared some laughs back in the day, sitting at a red light asking each other if they had any Grey Poupon…or maybe just my dad did that. As the commercials continued the guy with the Grey Poupon seemed to be less interested in sharing his disgusting mustard (Oh did I mention this mustard is terrible? Cause it is). And more interested in pissing off the guy in the other car. But of course the best version of this was not even a commercial for Grey Poupon but a scene from Wayne’s World.