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‘Willy Wonka’ Re-Cut as Modern Thriller Trailer

Call me crazy but I think this is a more accurate trailer than the original. I mean common, this movie is messed up. Anywho, YouTuber ryan shukis has re-cut Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory in to a modern thriller trailer which I believe supports my long-running argument that good music can make a movie trailer WAY better than it is. Need proof? Check out this trailer out.

Pogo remixes Willy Wonka

Perhaps my favorite film from my youth (other than No Holds Barred – Hulk Hogan DUH!) was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The film undoubtedly still holds up today, despite the fact it was made in 1971. While made for kids the film does have many hidden adult jokes which makes it watchable today…not to mention a very scary tunnel scene. So scary in fact that during the filming, Gene Wilder’s acting was so convincing that it frightened some of the other actors. They thought that Wilder really was going mad from being in the tunnel. Australian musician/DJ POGO is also a big fan of this film. We’ve written about POGO before for his eclectic remixes of childhood classics. And of course when he posted a new remix of Willy Wonka (above) I couldn’t help but post. One of my favorite scenes in the film (which plays a big factor in my childhood obesity) is the “Candyman” sequence. POGO’s remix once was another instant classic. Watch for at 1:06, when Bill the Candyman flips …

Scrumdiddlyumptious: Willy Wonka Remix by Pogo

Let me start off by saying Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was so much better than the 2005 Johnny Depp remake. Looking at it now as an adult, it definitely had some much darker elements to it. I still know people my age who get scared when the kids take the boat ride through the tunnel. This remix of “The Candy Man Can” is brought to you by POGO. Check out his stuff: