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From The Archives: 100 Years of Paramount Pictures

In honor of celebrating 100 years of films (65 good ones, am I right?) Paramount has commissioned this pretty awesome poster to commemorate the milestone and you know what? I think it’s pretty neat. Click here for a larger view. And for those of you interested in knowing how wrong you are at guessing, here is the complete list of movies. Row 1: 1980 – Airplane 1986 – Top Gun 1960 – Psycho 1991 – The Addams Family 2007 – There Will Be Blood 1997 – Titanic 2007 – Transformers 2009 – Up in the Air Row 2: 1972 – The Godfather 1981 – Friday the 13th 2002 – Jackass: The Movie 1992 – Wayne’s World 2009 – Paranormal Activity 1986 – Crocodile Dundee 1990 – The Hunt for Red October 1999 – Election Row 3: 1970 – Catch-22 1975 – Nashville 1979 – Star Trek: The Motion Picture 1968 – Rosemary’s Baby 1981 – Raiders of the Lost Ark 1984 – Beverly Hills Cop 1934 – Cleopatra 1977 – Saturday Night Fever Row 4: …

Movies I Forgot Exsisted: Michael

It’s hard to forget this 1996 comedy about Michael (John Travolta), anĀ archangel who for some reason is living in a motel drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and has a very active libido…the libido line is the exact phrasing from the movie’s synopsis. The film was meant as comedy with some preachy subplots/messaging. It had very mixed reviews, but proved to be interesting enough of a concept to make over $90 million at the box office. Even though the 90’s seems like last decade, this film is getting close to being 20 years old. Because of this fact it’s extremely hard for me to remember much of anything from this flick. But if there is one thing I do remember, other than the image of John Travolta with wings, is the dance scene. There is nothing better than watching Travolta break it down in a film. This might not be as good as Saturday Night Fever, or the “batman” in Pulp Fiction, but Michael does have some unique moves.