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Yak Bak… Remember?

. I had one of these things. I remember specifically back in early 2000 after Mick Foley wrestled in his first and only WrestleMania main event, my Yak Bak happened to record his post match comments. They were as follows: “It’s the biggest night of my career. It’s the biggest year of the WWF.” My Yak Bak would NOT forget this recording. No matter how many times I tried to record over it or erase it, my Yak Bak just would not forget these words by Mick Foley. The fucking thing kept this recording until the end of its life. I must have heard Mick’s words about 50 times. Thanks to my Yak Bak. Uhhhh. Anyways. Bye.

“How about getting your foot off my shoulder”

Despite the stance of “not being cool anymore,” millions of Americans, Canadians, and everybody else for that matter, still watch professional wrestling. And for those of us nerds out of the closet, this is the best time of year. It’s WrestleMania season. This is where we count down the days to our version of the Super Bowl and reminisce about classic moments from its 29 year history. In honor of this sports spectacular (yes it is a sport…in Japan) we have perhaps the greatest sports (also a sport in Mexico) interview of all time with Mr. Baseball Bob Uecker and the legendary Andre the Giant. Side Note: Can anyone understand what the giant is saying? Also a prize for anyone who can successfully interpret this Andre interview…(prize not guaranteed)

Before Pay-Per-View, We had Closed Circuit

Does anyone remember a world before Pay-Per-View? I’m guessing most of you don’t…In fact, most of you don’t remember a world before the internet. Back in 1985 when the World Wrestling Federation was launching its mega-card known as WrestleMania, PPV wasn’t an option (and still 2 years away from invention). Viewers had to watch the show in movie theaters and arenas through something called Closed Circuit Television. To market such an event, Hulk Hogan and Mr. T made their rounds on morning shows, radio, SNL and late night talk shows, including the Richard Belzer Show. Unfortunately for Richard, this was a time when wrestlers were very secretive about their sport. If you made fun of them, they would prove that what they did wasn’t fake. Belzer had a little too much fun with the Hulk and this was the outcome….