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Blow Away Diet by Playboy Buddy Rose

This is what is categorized as “WrestleCrap”. Playboy Buddy Rose was professional wrestler in the 1970s – 90s. He achieved moderate success in the WWF and AWA in the 80s and returned to the WWF in 1990. However, when he returned to the World Wrestling Federation in the 90s, he was struggling with weight issues, something that would trouble him throughout his life and leading to his death in 2009. The WWF knew they had a good talent but didn’t know how to address his appearance. In a poor attempt at comic relief, they came up with the Buddy Rose Blow Away Diet. This was a goof on “As Seen on TV” infomercials. What resulted is something cheesy, funny, crappy and somewhat-entertaining. Enjoy.  

The World’s Most Famous Arena

This week I have the privilege of attending an event for the first time at New York’s Madison Square Garden, dubbed the World’s Most Famous Arena. I’ve always heard about the importance of “The Garden” in sporting events, but I often thought what make MSG so much more than say Toronto’s ACC? MSG first opened it’s doors on February 11, 1968. It was then refereed to as Madison Square Garden IV, as there were three other arenas in NYC that closed beforehand. Sometimes called the “Mecca”, MSG is the oldest arena in the NHL, 2nd oldest in the NBA and the 3rd busiest music arena in the world (in terms of ticket sales) only behind the Manchester Arena and O2. Home of the New York Knicks, Rangers and residency of Billy-Joel, the Garden is also known for it’s incredible Boxing and Wrestling history. From Muhammad Ali to Bruno Sammartino, the Garden has hosted some of the most historic moments in sports. During his 10 year reign as heavyweight champion, Bruno Sammartino sold out the Garden …

Pure Arrogance: The Model Rick Martel

Rick Martel was a Canadian pro wrestler who had a pretty lengthy career which included tag team and heavyweight championship reigns in the 1980’s. But he is most known for his character in the World Wrestling Federation, “The Model”. The Model was extremely arrogant… so arrogant that he had his own cologne line called arrogance. Of course this wasn’t available for purchase and strictly for WWF storylines. He would come to ring with his soap opera like music, giant buttons informing you that he was a model and a giant atomizer of cologne that he would spray on his opponents. Who could forget when he sprayed Jake “The Snake” Roberts, blinded him for a period which lead to their awful Blind Fold Match at WrestleMania 7.

Ravishing Rick Rude: Wrestling Legend

It was 15 years (this month) since the passing of wrestling legend Ravishing Rick Rude. The self-proclaimed “Sexiest Man Alive”, Rude was known for having one of the best physiques in the history of professional wrestling. A physique he would gladly show off, along with his famous airbrushed tights. In the glory days of the WWF, Rude would burst onto the scene in 1987 and was quickly one of the most hated superstars. And how could you not hate him. He would come out to cheesecake music, grab a microphone and belittle you, and then disrobe and grind his hips to prove not only he was more man than you, but he could also get your lady. The really interesting thing about Rude was that he wasn’t like the other villains in the WWF back then. The stereotypical bad guy was known for talking tough, but then cowardly running away and cheating. Rude, however, was known for talking tough and being tough. This combination made him a serious contender which scored him a reign as …

Ultimate Warrior vs. Phil Collins

The recent passing of The Ultimate Warrior has made me sad for many different reasons. Not only am I sad because we lost the Warrior so soon after he made peace with the WWE. But I’m also sad that we never got to see the greatest main event in WrestleMania history. The Ultimate Warrior vs….Phil Collins. Yes that’s right, for so some strange reason in 1990 while promoting a new album/VHS tape, Phil Collins thought it would be good marketing to cross promote with the World Wrestling Federation Champion The Ultimate Warrior. The end result is what many call “WrestleCrap”.