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The comeback of Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Perhaps one of the most famous wrestlers of all time, Jake “The Snake” Roberts is currently in the hospital recovering after a serious bout of pneumonia. This health scare came after Jake had possibly the greatest comeback in wrestling history. No, he hasn’t wrestled in years and might not ever again. Jake’s comeback has been a personal one. After years of being in the spotlight, Jake developed a serious addiction to alcohol and hard drugs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts had a pretty messed up childhood. I’m not going to get into it, but it was….shall we say f**ked up. He was able to overcome those early childhood events and turn that into some serious acting skills. Jake started wrestling in the 70s and hit his popularity in the late 80s/early 90s with the World Wrestling Federation. He was known for being one of the best psychologist and talkers in the industry. Jake would appear and disappear from the spotlight many times throughout the 90s. In the 2000s, Jake wasn’t much around. The last memory anyone …

WWF Rap Album – Aggression

The WWF (WWE) over the years have always released compilation music albums of their superstar entrance themes, and sometimes have tried releasing music that featured their wrestlers singing…. But in 2000, the WWF was so hot and actually in-tune to pop culture that they got some of the biggest names in Rap/Hip Hop to make original tracks about their superstars and released it as WWF Aggression. The album featured the likes of RUN DMC, SNOOP DOGG, ICE-T, ODB and METHOD MAN. This collaboration did very well, peaking at number 8 on the US Billboard charts and number 6 in Canada. Some of the wrestlers used these new tracks as their entrance theme while others just release music videos.

The Ultimate Warrior Meets Arsenio Hall

Ready for five and a half minutes of randomness? Well then check out this clip of when The Ultimate Warrior was a guest on the Arsenio Hall show. There is a lot of speculation that the warrior was on cocaine at the time. In my opinion, he is awake, so of course he is on cocaine. However, I don’t think that is what makes this weird or odd or whatever. I think what kind of handcuffs Arsenio in this situation is that at this time period of wrestling, wrestlers always had to be in character to keep up the illusion of wrestling being “real”. I must say all things considered, Arsenio did a great job and makes this a pretty fun watch. Enjoy.

16-bit WWE themes

I don’t shy away from the fact that I was and still am a HUGE wrestling fan, and an even bigger fan of wrestling video games. Nothing would bring me more joy than putting in the SNES cartridge for Royal Rumble, seeing the LJN logo and hearing that classic 16-bit music. There is something so exciting and classic about a pixelated photo of a WWF superstar and a cheesy 16-bit knock off of their theme. It gets me in the mood for a rumble. That’s why I had to share these themes of current WWE superstars by 16 Bit Themes.