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My Childhood Crushes

I limited this list in two ways. The first was to pick girls I had crushes on when I was old enough to have crushes, but too young to really understand what that crush was. I’m talking the age where you just want to hold hands with a girl and should you kiss that girl, that would be the equivalent to having sex as an adult.  Keep in mind I still do feel kissing a girl is pretty much like having sex…that’s why I am saving both for marriage. It’s gonna be awesome! But I digress. The second was to limit this list to just TV actresses as the music and movies I listened to and watched were no doubt largely cartoon based. But hey, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have crushes on cartoons as well. I’m looking at you Disney’s Ariel and Princes Jasmine. Sup? So here is the list in no particular order. Gentleman, get ready for a blast from your childhood crush past. Ladies, take notes, you never know when it could …

Zoobilee Zoo!

When I think of my most treasured childhood shows, one at the top (or very close to it) is Zoobilee Zoo. I get that warm and fuzzy sense of nostalgia whenever I see the Zoobles in this intro to the show. What a great childhood memory. That said, here is Fatal Farm’s version of the intro. Only in this one, all the Zoobles now have CGI penises. Enjoy!