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American Laser Games: Terrible Yet Awesome Games


For the longest time, my mom never allowed us boys to own a video game console. So to get our fix we would go to a buddy’s house for hours on end. When my oldest brother was at the age he could do whatever he wanted with his money, he brought home a 3DO.  To us it was the greatest, most advanced system on the market. A few months later it was known as the biggest flop in video game history.

But nonetheless, I loved my 3DO. We only owned a handful of games (which wasn’t far off of the entire 3DO Disc catalog) and the majority of those games were by AMERICAN LASER GAMES. My favorite was Mad Dog McCree. It was a live-action shoot em’ up game in which real actors would perform a scene. If you shoot them in time they fall, if not they laugh at you.

These games were not just for the 3DO but started as arcades and later transitioned to Sega CD and PC ROM, and some have even been re-released 20 years later for Nintendo Wii.

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