Month: April 2013

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

This bitch was harder to find then Waldo, most likely because she was committing so many crimes. But the chase was all part of the fun. I loved this show because it was smart and cleaver on so many levels. First off, you had to be smart to be on the show. I can’t tell you how many times I would be in awe of how many countries these kids could find on a map. My range of geography spanned from Canada to the USA and maybe Mexico on a good day. Secondly, the humour of the show was very smart. Rockapella (the band that sang the theme song) was always used as a fun comic element using their clever songs while host Greg Lee provided a fun and funny lead. “The Chief,” on the other hand, played everything straight, complementing Greg’s loose approach to solving crime. I couldn’t get enough of this show and think it is time to bring it back. I think it would hold up…and I’m pretty sure Rockapella could use …

Shining Time Station

This was one of my favourite shows as a kid. My brother and I loved Thomas the Tank Engine and this was the best way to get our fix… Unless you wanted to learn to read and nuts to that. My favourite parts of the show were the ones that featured a tiny man named Mr. Conductor who lived in a signal house in a mural on the wall in Shining Time Station. He was the best part cause it meant it was time to hear a Thomas the Tank Engine story. Mr. Conductor was played by two different actors over the years – the first being Ringo Starr and the second being George Carlin. Looking back on the show, I think it could have been a little more entertaining for the whole family had they let George Carlin (as Mr. Conductor) just do his act. Stacy: “Hey Mr. Conductor, do you have a Thomas story for us?” Mr Conductor: “Have you ever noticed that their stuff is shit and your shit is stuff?” Stacy: …

Wink Yahoo, The Punisher and Young Kids. Uh Oh!

Uh Oh! ran from 1997-2003 on YTV (the greatest station of all time for nostalgia purposes). Hosted by Wink Yahoo and starring the Punisher, young Canadian kids teamed up to answer questions correctly for a chance at a grand prize. Essentially, it was a game show. But I don’t feel the need explain any more of this show, because if you had even an ounce of awesomeness during its run, you watched Uh Oh! This show was brilliant. Actually funny. And educational. Wink was the man!

Oh this explains Back to the Future…I guess?

Apparently this photo shows all the possible time lines and what could have happened in the Back to the Future Movies. If you can’t figure it out you must be pretty dumb. I totally figured it out, but don’t ask me to explain it cause I’m really busy okay? I got like a million things on the go. Like what you ask? Uh. well. I’m starting this dog grooming business…and some other stuff. Look I can’t talk right now, just figure it out yourself alright! And I’m not crying right now, I just got something in my eye, geeze!

Denis Leary: No Cure For Cancer

I remember vividly the first time I was introduced to comedy albums. I had never heard one before and probably didn’t really know they existed. From a young age I loved Saturday Night Live and watching stand up comedy on TV, but I had no idea that a lot of these stand up acts could be found in album form. One day my family was visiting some friends out of town: The Fitzgeralds. The kids in the Fitzgerald family were a few years older than the kids in my family, but we always got along great. My sister, brother and I always looked up to them and thought they were the coolest. How cool? So cool they didn’t even have to be there to impress me. On this particular night the Fitzgerald kids were all out, so to kill time until they got back a few hours later I was told to go listen to some of the boys’ CDs and play some video games. So I did. One of the albums already in the …