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Cause Why Not: Baby From Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ Album Cover Recreates Photo 25 Years Later

This is a photo of the baby from Nirvana’s cover of the album Nevermind all growed up. His name is Spencer Elden and in case no one recognizes him from his iconic album cover, he made sure he had “Nevermind” tattooed across his chest. That way he can talk about how he is the baby on the cover anytime he is topless, which I assume is most of the time. I mean, look at him. Am I little upset he didn’t go completely naked to really capture the true essence of the original cover? Sure, but I mean, pools are cold and I don’t think Spencer wanted to show that he became a man everywhere but in his nether region if you catch my drift…I’m talking about his penis and how cold water would make it look like a baby dick. Okay?

Hey, I kinda know that song: Compilation Album Commercials

Compilation album commercials are the reason I know about 10 seconds worth of every smash hit from the 60s, 70s and 80s. These commercials were made to do pretty much what this blog was made to do: make people feel Nostalgic for their younger years. The main difference between them and us: They had the legal rights to many hit songs in which they could sell to make and stunning profit and we have a pretty cool lazy boy couch. What’s that? The couch broke last week? Well, fuck me I guess. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have listened to a song that I was sure I had never heard before, only to have that sweet 5 seconds from the commercial kick in and realize “Oh! This is that song?! I know it now” In fact a lot of these commercials played so regularly that I actually had the medley of all the songs in the commercial memorized into one song.¬† It was better than some of the songs …

Can we stop doing this now?: Our 1000th Post!

Normally you check out The Nostalgia Blog to get a half-assed summary of some obscure pop culture reference from your childhood…or you are an advertising robot who is promoting some very random product in our comment section. Either way we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of our readers! We really enjoy writing this blog and although we might not be putting out as much content as we have in the past (I mean what the hell happened to our Throwback Thursday videos?) we will keep on writing if you keep on reading. A special thanks to sites like The Credible Hulk who promote the shit out of our posts weekly. We really appreciate that. Thanks again for the all the support and please like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and check out our YouTube page (before it gets shut down for another year and a half…that was fun).

Theory: What’s Outside The Margins of Popular Album Covers

We all love album covers. Of course we do. Don’t argue with me, I know where you live! Back when we used to physically purchase albums said albums often came with covers on them. Some of those album covers went on to be pretty famous. But what was going on outside the margins of those famous album covers? We may never know but a series called “The Bigger Picture” by web design company Aptitude has done a pretty good job at theorizing the answers…  

Hits From Behind: Reverse Side of Albums (in theory)

Ever wonder what that naked baby on the cover of Nirvana’s album ‘Nevermind’ would look like from behind? Well sicko, you are disgusting¬† and I hope we are never friends. That said, you are in luck! A person who goes by Harvezt has created a series entitled ‘The Dark Side Of The Covers’ in which we see what famous album covers may look like if they were taken from the other side of whatever is going on in the album…wow this is harder to explain then I thought. Hopefully the pictures explain it, after all they are worth a thousand words (but I got these ones on sale for 950 words, no big deal). Enjoy.