Month: July 2015

Throwback Thursdays! “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” by Five For Fighting

It’s Throwback Thursday! Today we have the hit song from 2000 titled “Superman” by the band Train…I mean Dave Matthews Band….I mean Maroon 5. Man, a lot of bands sounded the same back then. What’s that? Five For Fighting? What is this a hockey game? Oh! The band is called Five For Fighting? No, that can’t be right. I’m pretty sure it’s Dave Matthews Band or Maroon 5 that sings this song. Look I’m not getting into another debate with you, let’s just say the song is by James Blunt and call it a day. Sound good? Cool. Enjoy!

Hey, I kinda know that song: Compilation Album Commercials

Compilation album commercials are the reason I know about 10 seconds worth of every smash hit from the 60s, 70s and 80s. These commercials were made to do pretty much what this blog was made to do: make people feel Nostalgic for their younger years. The main difference between them and us: They had the legal rights to many hit songs in which they could sell to make and stunning profit and we have a pretty cool lazy boy couch. What’s that? The couch broke last week? Well, fuck me I guess. I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have listened to a song that I was sure I had never heard before, only to have that sweet 5 seconds from the commercial kick in and realize “Oh! This is that song?! I know it now” In fact a lot of these commercials played so regularly that I actually had the medley of all the songs in the commercial memorized into one song.  It was better than some of the songs …

I Never Caught That: The Simpsons Eddie and Lou in background out of uniform

Eddie and Lou are minor characters at best on The Simpsons, usually good for a laugh here and there but otherwise not an big part of the main cast of characters. With that said, although I do consider myself a pretty big fan of the Simpsons (well at least the first 15 seasons), I for one completely missed this easter egg by the animators even after seeing this episode dozens of times. The episode is “Lisa on Ice” from 1994. Look closely at the crowd shot and you’ll see it. Yes, there they are! Eddie and Lou sitting behind Homer and Marge out of uniform. MIND BLOWN! Over 20 years from it’s original airing and after multiple viewings, there are still things to find in this episode I had never noticed before. Just amazing.

This Game Looks Great…NOT!: Wayne’s World Video Game

Remember ‘Not’ Jokes? Like I would say nice shirts Dave…NOT! Dave would think for a second his shirt was nice but then realize I didn’t think it was nice at all!..Dave killed himself 6 months later. So, the Wayne’s World video game huh? I gotta say I am pretty surprised I don’t remember this one. I knew of its existence but I can’t for the life of me remember playing it. I couldn’t tell you a thing about the plot or game play other than what I have seen in this YouTube clip: I must say the opening is just the right amount of terrible mixed with amazing. I quite enjoyed the extreme closeup and the easter egg mentioning of Zantar The Gelatinous Cube. It seems that the whole game takes place in one (or several) of Wayne and Garth’s infamous dream sequences. If anyone has played this and has any thoughts, feel free to leave your comments. Heck, while your at it, feel free to just say hi, it’s been a while since we’ve …