Month: March 2015

Before They Were Famous: Leslie Mann Coke Commercial

While this is apparently “Not Final Version”, it is what I remember watching on TV as a kid. Coca-Cola has always been known for its amazing adverts and marketing campaigns and it seems they hit the nail on the head with this one. The commercial features a then unknown Leslie Mann and King Kong (who likely hadn’t worked since the 80s and just figured a job is a job). Both careers would remain obscure until the mid 2000s when King Kong married Judd Apatow and went on to star in movies such as The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up while Leslie Mann would star in Peter Jackson’s mega-hit King Kong…Hmm, I might have that backwards…No, I think I’m right. Enjoy the commercial

Brotherly Love: That time Mario said “Fuck You Luigi”

If my brother told me I had spaghetti on my overalls, I would probably be grateful but Mario goes another direction… The incident takes place around the 20 second mark. Much like Stephanie Tanner calling Kimmy Gibbler a whore, we know Mario doesn’t actually say “fuck you” but it’s so much funnier to hear it that way. So if you got a problem with that I say Go “Thank” Yourself.  

“We eat what we like” 90s Apple Jacks Commercials

Why did we like Apple Jacks cereal so much if it didn’t taste like apples? Answer: BECAUSE IT DIDN’T TASTE LIKE APPLES! As a kid, if I wanted to eat something that tasted like an apple you know what I would have eaten? A goddamn apple! I ate Apple Jacks because they tasted like sugar, delicious, delicious sugar. But you can’t put that in an ad campaign, so instead the tagline “we eat what we like” was created for Apple Jacks. And considering they had the money to hire two kids from Disney’s The Mighty Ducks, Buzz from Home Alone and a young and unknown Julia Styles (whose career whereabouts are now unknown) I think the ad worked pretty well. Enjoy.