Month: January 2015


Watch Emma Stone audition for The New Partridge Family by singing ‘Bitch’

Back in 2005 re-hashing old television shows and movies with “Reboots” wasn’t as prevalent as it is in Hollywood now 10 years later (oh yeah, 2005 was 10 years ago. Deal with it!). However, they were scratching the surface of trying to re-invent or re-imagine popular TV shows and movies from the past for a quick buck. Enter: The New Partridge Family. The Partridge Family was a very popular show back in the 70s so why not re-create it with a movie? Well because they already did that with the Brady Bunch nearly 10 years earlier. Who said that? Oh shit, it was me. I gotta stop doing peyote while I write these things. Anyway, granted the idea to reboot old 70s shows into new shows and movies had been done, but this is where VH1 (the network in charge of The New Partridge Family) took it one step further. Have a reality/talent show to find the cast! How can this fail?! So they did. It didn’t work as the show never really found an …


I did not know that: Classic Video Game Secrets

Throughout history video games have always had hidden levels or cheat codes. Some would help you out as a gamer, others added fun elements and some made no sense whatsoever…which made them awesome! Here are a few of the best secrets from classic video games. See how many you remember/even knew about. NBA JAM: Secret Roster This is a secret many people were aware of but few knew the codes to unlock them. This was back before the internet, so friends who knew these codes would hold on to them like they were the goddamn missile codes during the cold war. I assume this was so they would always get invited over to play. With these codes you could unlock secret players such as: Bill and Hilary Clinton, Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, The Beastie Boys and of course the President of Parliament Funkadelic himself George Clinton (no relation to Bill).   GoldenEye 64: DK Mode DK Mode (named for Donkey Kong as it gave players big heads and long arms) made it that much …


“ER” Cast Then & Now

The show you grew up watching…your parents watch. It’s ER! The 90s show about sexy doctors and sexy nurses and their sexy lives that wasn’t called General Hospital. But how did all these sexy actors hold up to the test of time and natural aging? What are you stupid? They are rich and famous, so of course they are going to look great 20 years later. Enjoy the pictures! Julianna Margulies as Nurse Carol Hathaway Sherry Stringfield as Dr. Susan Lewis Eriq La Salle as Dr. Peter Benton Anthony Edwards as Dr. Mark Greene Noah Wyle as Dr. John Carter Laura Innes as Dr. Kerry Weaver Khandi Alexander as Jackie Robbins Goran Visnjic as Dr. Luka Kovac Maura Tierney as Nurse Abby Lockhart Maria Bello as Dr. Anna Del Amico Erik Palladino as Dr. Dave Malucci Ming-Na Wen as Dr. Jing-Mei Chen Troy Evans as Frank Martin Shane West as Dr. Ray Barnett John Stamos as Dr. Tony Gates Parminder Nagra as Dr. Neela Rasgotra Linda Cardellini as Nurse Samantha George Clooney as Dr. Doug …


I can name 3 of them: Video Timeline of Every X-Man Ever

This is a video timeline created by IGN featuring details to every X-Man ever. The video proved to me what I already know: I think I know so much more about X-Men then I really do. While X-Men wasn’t my go-to comic growing up, I did watch the cartoon and felt like I had at least average knowledge about them. However, after watching this video I found out there are literary dozens of characters and story lines I have never even heard of. The video is about 11 minutes long but was fun to watch (even if my brain hurt afterwards). Advice to anyone who watches this and doesn’t have extensive knowledge of the X-Men, just enjoy the ride. If you try to keep up with all the facts and story lines being thrown at you, you might go cross-eyed. Enjoy!


A Guy on Craigslist Needs Help Beating Super Mario World

This is a post from a guy who clearly has everything in life going for him except one thing: He can’t beat the Vanilla Dome level of Super Mario World on SNES. Thus, he has turned to Craigslist for your help in exchange for whiskey and donuts. Clearly this guy doesn’t know the first rule of Nintendo: Get your older brother to beat the level, then take credit for it. I also find it interesting that this guy is able to post an ad on Craigslist but hasn’t figured out that he can go on Google and get tips/cheats to beat pretty much any video game. Dude, just go back to the Donut Plains, go to the secret level above the Donut Ghost House and pick up Yoshi and stock up on capes. Now go back and kick some wizard ass! Your welcome. Now when I come over for my prize remember I like my whiskey like I like my pop-culture references at least 10 years old and from either America, Britain or Canada (which …