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Watch Emma Stone audition for The New Partridge Family by singing ‘Bitch’

Back in 2005 re-hashing old television shows and movies with “Reboots” wasn’t as prevalent as it is in Hollywood now 10 years later (oh yeah, 2005 was 10 years ago. Deal with it!). However, they were scratching the surface of trying to re-invent or re-imagine popular TV shows and movies from the past for a quick buck.

Enter: The New Partridge Family. The Partridge Family was a very popular show back in the 70s so why not re-create it with a movie?

Well because they already did that with the Brady Bunch nearly 10 years earlier.

Who said that? Oh shit, it was me. I gotta stop doing peyote while I write these things.

Anyway, granted the idea to reboot old 70s shows into new shows and movies had been done, but this is where VH1 (the network in charge of The New Partridge Family) took it one step further.

Have a reality/talent show to find the cast! How can this fail?!

So they did. It didn’t work as the show never really found an audience. However, 10 years later we can now look back on it and see Hollywood sweetheart Emma Stone (Emily Stone back then) audition by singing a very appropriate song for a family show, ‘Bitch’ by Meredith Brooks. Now back to this sweet peyote trip!

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