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One of the meanest reality shows ever – The WB SuperStar

This is one of those shows from the early 2000’s that I remember vividly, but yet when I would tell people about it, they look at me as if I were crazy. I am crazy, but that’s neither here nor there…

The WB SuperStar USA was a mock of American Idol (which had finished it’s first or second season around this time). There were three judges, who were to represent Simon, Randy and Paula, they were Tone Loc, Briggs and Vitamin C (yes, Graduation, Friends Forever Vitamin C). The judges went around the country in search of young vocalist in a music competition where the winner would receive a recording contract. Sounds like American Idol right? The difference was that the judges would condemn the good singers and praise the bad ones.

Contestants who couldn’t carry a note would be falsely encouraged by the judges and as well as stylists, choreographers and vocal coaches, who all toyed with these poor smucks.

In the end it was the large breasted Jamie Foss who won the contest. (and yes she was constantly mocked by the judges with references to the largeness of her breasts) She was awarded $50,000 in cash and a $50,000 budget to produce a record, which she never released. The truth of the competition was revealed to her in the finale in front of a live studio audience.

“One producer, worried that the live audience members would not be able to respectfully compose themselves during the final performances, deceived the audience by falsely informing them that the singers were all terminally ill young people, who were having a wish fulfilled by a charitable organization. The LA Times reported the organization named by the producer was the Make a Wish Foundation, which later received an apology from the WB. In an interview with USA Today, executive producer Mike Fleiss straightened out the details: “First of all, it was me. But I did not say ‘Make-A-Wish.’ I said, ‘Who’s heard of the One Wish Foundation?’ and people raised their hands. There is no One Wish Foundation. It was a prank on top of a prank. It was the only way to get it to work.” (Wikipedia)

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