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Stickin’ Your Hand in the Bag… Bits and Bites

bits n bites

I recited this commercial verbatim the other night in front of my roomates. Word for word. It came out many years ago, yet I could still remember the entire dialogue. Talk about a lasting image – or audio I guess. Now stick your hand in the bag. What came out in your handful?

… I could not find the authentic commercial anywhere, so I guess I’ll just paste the dialogue for you to read:

“Hi. Me again with my Bits and Bites. Stickin my hand in the bag and comin’ out with a new handful. Well, what have we got here? 3 cheese bits, 4 spiced rings and 2 pretzel sticks. Delicious. Next handful, a whole new ballgame. You can’t get enough of those Bits and Bites snacks cause your mouth never knows till’ its all over. Bits and Bites by Christie: every handful is different. Yeah!”

Do you remember this ad at all?


  1. Travis Parkman says

    I remember that commercial!!
    A few buddies and I were talking about that commercial a few months ago and I tried searching the internet for it but I could not find it anywhere

  2. Mauro Ciaccio says

    Wow, that brings back memories! Nice to know it’s not just me that remembers old TV commercials!

  3. Hammock_Guy says

    I have been looking around, still no sign of it on the Internet….

  4. I’ve been looking for it too. Can’t find it. Maybe the guy in the ad did something really weird after he cashed his cheque one day…y’know? Makes me think now that there could me more to this story…

    • toco says

      The guy in the commercial was an animated version of Bing Crosby. He was a very famous singer/actor in the forties and fifties. He would have been too old to use live but his voice was unmistakable. he really talked like that, in an up and down tone. He was supposed to appear as a retired person takin it easy in his hammock in the back yard. I remember it clearly too. No suspicion, nothin, he was a stand up guy, not like people today. He died in 1977, so it could have been out of respect for him that they stopped airing it. Maybe the family wanted residuals so they dropped it. You may have a point “Tuxugo Rex” about Purina using the strong popularity of Bings voice and the naming of their products for crossover advertising punch. I never thought of the idea that they may have bought the rights to the Bits and Bits name so they could use it this way. Huh, good thought.

  5. K…I think I know why…Purina (a Pet Food Company) has a lot of products now that closely resemble the name ‘Bits & Bites’. Perhaps they bought the Rights, along with all the adverts and so forth, and simply destroyed it all. Do they still make Bits & Bites…like, for people? Don’t know, haven’t Googled that yet. But what I do know is this; Purina once owned the ‘Jack-In-The-Box’ chain…yum.

  6. Bits & Bites are still around. You can even buy them in bulk. Every time I see them I think of this commercial. I had it memorized and my little sister would laugh & laugh when I mimicked the guy.

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  8. Funny thing, that old dialogue has stuck in my head all these years too not not too many people recall this animated commercial. I looked for it on Youtube to see it again but I haven’t found it anywhere. People kind of look at me oddly if I imitate this add 🙂

  9. Wendy says

    Hey…I looked for that commercial too. I thought of the sentences was…still stickin in my hand and coming out with a brand new handful…I’m probably wrong but that’s how I recite it! Lol!

  10. Jesse Daly says

    Thank god for you. Have been trying to Google this all night with very little to go on. This saved my stoner heart tonight. Bless you.

  11. Kayte says

    I have been trying to find this commercial too! I’m positive that there was a version than went something along the lines of “Four pretzels?! What are the odds of that?!”

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