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Cause Why Not: Man Attempting to Get Screenshot of Every Soda Machine In Video Game History

In why the hell not news, this is a website by Jess Morrissette, a political science professor and amateur video game developer who is attempting to archive via screenshot every soda machine that’s ever appeared in a video game. Damn right he is! What are you doing with your life? Helping the needy? Oh…well that’s good too I guess. Anyway, check out the site here and if you want to contribute to the cause (tis’ the season for giving afterall) you can tweet your screenshots to @decafjedi. Keep on fighting the good fight! P.S. There are games called Pepsiman and MyCoke?

I’ve bought worse things: R2-D2 Coffee Press

Well, ThinkGeek has done it again. I mean, is there anything these fine folks can’t create? Yes, they can’t create a desire for your parents to be proud of you. How’s that Philosophy degree working out for ya? Anywho, this is a pretty sweet coffee press made in the image of Star Wars fan favorite R2-D2. No word yet if it does R2’s famed scream when you pour out the coffee but fingers crossed!

Part of a balanced diet: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies

“Fresh from the sewers to you!” The Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pies featured a green glazed pie crust that was filled with Vanilla Puddin’ Power or mutagen goo as it’s referred to in the commercial (both sound pretty delicious to me). I would bet the majority of us never got to taste these (let’s say…delicious?) pies, as they were only around from 1990 to 1991 (that’s a pretty solid run). I don’t know about you, but I would eat the hell out of those things. Apparently every wrapper included 1 “pudding point” which could be used to acquire mail in prizes which according to Wikipedia were: 1. a pack of two “Battle Signal Clickers” – metal clickers featuring Leonardo’s face and the “Turtles Pies” logo, along with instruction cards explaining a secret “Turtles Morse Code” for use with the clickers 2. A turtle shell belt buckle which could store items inside of it 3. A Painter’s style hat featuring all four turtles 4. A black Ninja Turtles t-shirt with a “puff-print” design I could …

Thunder Jet Fruit Snacks

I have no idea if anyone loved these as much as I did, in fact I will be surprised to see how many of you even know what these are. Anyway, when I was a kid I LOVED jets, so it was perfect because these fruit snacks were actually shaped like real jets! We’re talking F-14 Tomcats (like Maverick flew in Top Gun), SR-71A Blakcbirds and B2 Stealth Bombers! I just wish I was eating them right now….also I wish I had a million dollars…I’d buy so many Thunder Jets Fruit Snacks…

I have trouble staying in the lines: 90’s Coloring Book for Adults

Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and you know what I want? World Peace. Just kidding! That will never happen. What I really want is this Color The 90s adult coloring book by Outrageous Katie. It says ‘Adult’, so don’t let anyone give you any shit about being in your 20s, 30s or 40s and coloring in a coloring book (50 years olds can suck it, your were in your 20s when this stuff was relevant). For those interested in this little piece of Nostalgic awesomeness, you can buy it on Amazon! That place has everything! Except my fathers love….Anywho! Check out the link here as well as a few pictures below to get a taste of what the book offers and to plan out your coloring adventure! I myself am going to color Tim Allen blue because I’ve never seen a¬†blue Tim Allen before and quite frankly, I want to see one.