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That time MTV gave Chewbacca the Lifetime Achievement Award


Back in 1997 MTV got it right! Giving Chewbacca the lifetime achievement award for the…let’s say 3? Movies he was in…

Now don’t get it confused. This was not a lifetime achievement award for the actor (Peter Mayhew) who portrayed Chewbacca. No, this was an award for the fictional character of Chewbacca. Full disclosure, some people may not remember but back in the 90s, the lifetime achievement award was a joke award. I believe Godzilla won the year before and Clint Howard (Ron’s brother) the year after (or something like that). I personally LOVED this premiss, but then MTV decided to take itself more seriously (good call with Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant) and changed the award giving it to famous actors who “deserve it”. Keep in mind this is all from my memory and I am mostly just speculating as I always do (I will not do research!).

But enough of that! Let’s take a look back on a simpler time when MTV would hire actors to give what seemed to be moving speeches about other actors they respected and then trotted out a fictional 7 foot Wookiee from space and gave him an award. Enjoy.

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