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Ben Stiller as Tom Crooze (Tom Cruise’s Stunt Double) at MTV Movie Awards

Back when the MTV Movie Awards were actually watchable (yes I have turned into that guy), there was always one sketch in the night that would hit really big and be the all the talk the next day. Now thanks to the wonderfulness of the internet, if you unfortunately miss the awards and don’t know who won “Best Badass Star” or “Best Sandwich in a movie” (Yes, those are both awards that were actually given out) you can easily look them up the next day. The same goes for sketches. Anything worth watching is usually up the next day and you can avoid sitting through the nominees for “Best Scared-as-S**t Performance” (again, a real category). However back in the day you couldn’t just jump on YouTube and catch these sketches. No, you had to watch live and/or record the awards (on VHS) to be able to see the most talked about moments. One such moment that stuck in my mind for years was the time that Ben Stiller appeared in a sketch as Tom Crooze, …

MTV’s The War To Settle The Score

In 1984/85 the popularity of professional wrestling, in particular the WWF, was booming. The WWF was the first promotion to recognize that what they did was entertainment and not 100% sport. Visionary Vince McMahon (WWF’s CEO) knew that he needed to reach a younger demographic and thus was born the Rock n’ Wrestling connection, a partnership between the WWF and MTV. This partnership saw rock stars like Cyndi Lauper and pop culture celebrities like Mr. T get involved in the wrestling action. To kick off the Rock n’ Wrestling connection, MTV aired a one-hour special entitled The War To Settle The Score. This special featured a championship match between Hulk Hogan and Rowdy Roddy Piper – Live from Madison Square Garden. The War To Settle The Score put the WWF into pop culture status and made Hulk Hogan a household name (if he wasn’t already). The special also was the precursor to the WWF’s premiere event known as WrestleMania. Definitely worth a watch to see all of the celebrity appearances including Danny DeVito, Joe Piscopo, …

That time MTV gave Chewbacca the Lifetime Achievement Award

Back in 1997 MTV got it right! Giving Chewbacca the lifetime achievement award for the…let’s say 3? Movies he was in… Now don’t get it confused. This was not a lifetime achievement award for the actor (Peter Mayhew) who portrayed Chewbacca. No, this was an award for the fictional character of Chewbacca. Full disclosure, some people may not remember but back in the 90s, the lifetime achievement award was a joke award. I believe Godzilla won the year before and Clint Howard (Ron’s brother) the year after (or something like that). I personally LOVED this premiss, but then MTV decided to take itself more seriously (good call with Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant) and changed the award giving it to famous actors who “deserve it”. Keep in mind this is all from my memory and I am mostly just speculating as I always do (I will not do research!). But enough of that! Let’s take a look back on a simpler time when MTV would hire actors to give what seemed to be moving …

Ali G in Madonna music video

Remember that time Ali G was in a Madonna music video? No? That’s because you probably didn’t recognize him the first time you saw it. Madonna’s video for her hit single “Music” was released in August of 2000. At this time Da Ali G Show created and starring Sasha Baron Cohen was just getting it’s first run in the U.K., so North American audiences had no idea who this guy was. The video features Ali G as Madonna’s limo driver, as he drives her and her posse around the city for a night out which includes disco clubs, strippers and even some cartoon kung-fu action. Originally Chris Rock was slated to be the limo driver, but Madonna was insistent that it should be Cohen’s Ali G character. Not only did the video mark the debut of Ali G to North American audiences, but the debut of Madonna’s now famed “Mommy” necklace.