Author: gabygoutam

Take A Message, folks: We Have Found Remy Shand

If you don’t remember the Canadian soul-goodness that is Remy Shand’s “Take a Message,” this is what we’re here for. We don’t blame you either, as it came out 11 years ago in 2002! Back then, I was in grade 6, American Idol was just starting up, and people still hugely bought singles on CD, the latter of which led Remy to major success. His debut album “The Way I Feel” went Platinum in Canada, and earned him a Juno Award and four Grammy nominations that year. With all this momentum behind him, he was quickly slated to return with a sophomore album…But then he disappeared. For years, there was no news of Remy’s music – or even his whereabouts – which left fans forgetting about that knitcapped man from Manitoba – Until recently. Two weeks ago, Remy put up a YouTube channel containing some new and unreleased songs. Listening to them, I can assure you that his vocals are deeper, yet still as smooth and soulful as ever. So check it out. But to us …

Lunchables or: Why Did We Want the Pizza in the First Place?

If you grew up in the 90s, you were – at one point – this kid in the commercial. Praying for no PB&J, Trying for no tuna, and DEFINITELY no egg salad. So on those days where you pulled out that sunshine yellow (Or bright blue, if you had Lunchmates that day) rectangular box from your Thermos sack, you may as well have been holding gold. Always noticed but rarely traded, Lunchables were at the top of schoolyard commodities…alongside Dunkaroos and SodaLicious, of course. The types of Lunchables available read like your dream cafeteria menu: Tacos, Pizza, Nachos, Hot Dogs, Burgers, and the lowly sibling of Ham n’ Cheese crackers. But like most school cafeteria food, all the “good” options were , in retrospect, awful! I mean, who wants to eat cold nachos or burgers? Who enjoys plain hot dogs? And the pizza? Though it was the most popular option on my playground, the crust (Let’s admit it) was like styrofoam. Back in the day, my mom would only get me ham n’ cheese Lunchables. I’m so …

Toys I Wanted (But Never Got) Lite Brite

When I was about 6 years old, I was a crafty kid to say the least. I would buzz right through bead kits, create destruction with Crayola crayons and mark my territory with a trail of marker ink. Don’t even get me started on what I did to poor Barbie’s clothes! (Tape and paper were my friends back then). So when I saw this same commercial for Lite Brite, I dropped EVERYTHING. And while I cannot remember exactly what I said, my thoughts surely sounded like this: ART THAT LIGHTS UP? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? MERRY-GO ROUND PONIES AND A BLUE MICKEY MOUSE? I CAN EVEN MAKE A BIRTHDAY SIGN! WAIT, MY BIRTHDAY’S COMING UP, IWANT THISIWANTTHISIWANTTHISIWANTTHISIWANTTHIS… …I must have – literally – dropped everything because my parents refused to get me Lite Brite because of all the tiny coloured pegs. I was crafty, but clearly not crafty enough to convince them otherwise.