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If only I had friends to talk to: Bluetooth Star Trek Communicator Badge

Nostalgia nerds rejoice because ThinkGeek just gave you the ultimate dork toy! That’s right, they have created this the Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge with bluetooth and an internal microphone which allows users to answer and end calls with a push of the insignia. Now you can complain about how bad the new Star Trek movies are with the touch of a button! The badge will be out in November and will retail for $80.

Foot Clan: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dr. Martens

In the ongoing line of products inspired by Nostalgia that probably don’t need to exist (but we’re glad they do!), here is the new line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dr. Martens. They range in price from $90-$150 and like the actual Ninja Turtles, Donatello seems to be the best. Don’t take it from me however, check out the pictures and short video below and decide for yourselves. Enjoy!

Better Than 8 bit: Kid Has Super Mario Shaved Into Hair

This is a picture of some kid who has it all figured out. But while it is pretty cool of this little guy to shave Super Mario into the back of his head, the real praise should be to whoever did the shaving. I mean that is skill. Wouldn’t it be funny if the person who cut his hair turned out to be that guy who couldn’t beat the Vanilla Dome level in Super Mario World last year?

Kickin’ It Old School: Nintendo x Vans Retro Video Game Shoe Collection

Remember when Nintendo could only be found in video game form? Well not any more my friends! Later this summer Vans will be releasing their Nintendo x Vans Summer Shoe Collection (no price point on them yet). I’m a big fan of old school Nintendo and not tying shoes, so few of these are right up my alley. It will be like I’ 12 again! “You couldn’t tie your shoes at age 12? You could?! What are you? Some kind of child prodigy? Check out below for more shots of these sweet kicks.      

Laundry Day: Mark Hamill Has Been Wearing The Same Sweater for 30 Years

In what should be an advertisement for whatever brand of laundry detergent Mark Hamill uses, here some pictures of the Star Wars actor wearing the same shirt over 30 years. Of course there is always the possibility that he bought many of these sweaters 30 years ago and has just been cycling through them as the wear out. Either way, this is pretty impressive? I really don’t know. What I do know is that my oldest piece of clothing is 25 years old. It’s a condom from 1991. I won it in one of those games you used to play in the bathroom. It was so easy, you just put in a quarter, turn the dial and you win every time! That Trojan game company must of a lot of money in the bathroom gaming industry.