Month: May 2014

Adam Scott & Paul Rudd are the Bosom Buddies

If you haven’t heard of The Greatest Event in Television History then you are surely missing out my friend. Produced by Adam Scott for Adult Swim, The Greatest Event in Television History is a series of specials hosted by Jeff Probst about the making (re-making) of a classic television sitcom intro. The intros are always a shot for shot remake, just with modern actors. Recently the show chronicled the making of Bosom Buddies, formerly starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari, now starring Adam Scott and Paul Rudd. Pretty accurate, huh?  

Alf: The Animated Series

Did you know Alf’s real name is Gordon Shumway? No you didn’t! Admit it or I’m telling mom you lied! And she’s already mad at you for not wishing her a happy birthday last week. Anyway, this cartoon was a prequel to the live-action TV show in which showed Alf’s (or Gordon if you will) life on Melmac before coming to earth. It was terrible. Enjoy.

Famous Actors in Background Roles

Above is a picture of Scott Wolf as an extra on Saved By The Bell before he broke out on Party of Five and went on to super stardom! Just kidding, no one has cared about him since 1999. Unlike Scott Wolf, these other background actors actually went on to be famous and stayed that way. Enjoy the clips! Oh and R.I.P. Scott Wolf…he’s dead right?   Jennifer Lawrence as a high school mascot on Monk Ben Affleck as basketball player in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (In Spanish…I think) Jason Segel as “Watermelon Guy” in Can’t Hardly Wait Alexis Bledel as an unnamed student in Rushmore (She is on the right) Steve Carell as “Tesio” in Curly Sue Lucy Liu as waitress on Beverly Hills 90210    

That time MTV gave Chewbacca the Lifetime Achievement Award

Back in 1997 MTV got it right! Giving Chewbacca the lifetime achievement award for the…let’s say 3? Movies he was in… Now don’t get it confused. This was not a lifetime achievement award for the actor (Peter Mayhew) who portrayed Chewbacca. No, this was an award for the fictional character of Chewbacca. Full disclosure, some people may not remember but back in the 90s, the lifetime achievement award was a joke award. I believe Godzilla won the year before and Clint Howard (Ron’s brother) the year after (or something like that). I personally LOVED this premiss, but then MTV decided to take itself more seriously (good call with Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant) and changed the award giving it to famous actors who “deserve it”. Keep in mind this is all from my memory and I am mostly just speculating as I always do (I will not do research!). But enough of that! Let’s take a look back on a simpler time when MTV would hire actors to give what seemed to be moving …

Silly Putty – Entertained for days

The biggest proof that times have changed….I remember back in the day when a kid would entertained be for hours with nothing more than a blob of Silly Putty. It bounces, breaks and even flows like liquid. I’m sure it’s still on the market, but I don’t imagine kids bringing it to school for show-and-tell like they used to. Check out this classic ad for it: