Month: August 2013

I love you Mr. Dewey!

I LOOOOOOOOOOVE Saved By The Bell! In fact, we will no doubt have many more postings and most likely an episode on this show which is nothing short of a true gift from God. That said, what makes the show so grand are some of great characters that are sprinkled in with the main cast. My favorite by far is Mr. Dewey. His dry and sarcastic humor is some of the best you will see, not only on a kids show, but anywhere.

Claw Game

Dude 1: Bro, I am totally going to win Stacey a stuffed dog. Dude 2: Bro, it’s like $2 a game, you know how much skee ball we can play for that? Then you can take all the tickets you win and put them towards a bigger stuffed dog. Dude 1: Bro, skee ball? Really? Plus ticket games are for pussies. We are 31 years old bro, I think we can afford the claw game. Dude 2: Alright, relax bro….I hate that you have seen me naked… Dude 1: Well it happened bro! So nut up and help me score this pug…fuck it, I missed. This game is a ripoff, lets go play Cruising USA. annnnnnnnnnd scene.

Stranger Danger

Who remembers having to watch “street smart” videos in school? These type of videos/PSA tried to teach us young children about staying alert and staying safe (also a famous VHS). This is one of the more iconic videos of them all…STRANGER DANGER. This short video is full of alerts and warning signs children need to look out for. We have our favorites on this list, what are yours?


Four Urban Brothers United. That is actually what FUBU did originally mean. It was thought to mean For Us By Us meaning African American clothing for African American People. Then once want-to-be-black white kids started spending their rich parents money on FUBU clothing, FUBU was quick to say it stood for For U by U. This just proves money solves everything, so go punch your friend in the face then slip them a fiver and all will be forgiven. If not, screw them, you don’t want to associate with people whose morals can’t be bought, cause how else are we going to get rid of all these dead hookers?