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WWF Hasbro Action Figures ART WORK

This is pretty amazing looking stuff for someone like me. I grew up on the late 80s – 90s WWF Hasbro Action figures. I actually owned a lot of the figures in the poster above (at least the ones that were available). An artist by the name of Jason Wulf has recently been creating cards/posters of some of the classic and recent WWF/WWE superstars in their Hasbro Action Figure stance. In the case of recent superstars, he imagines what they would like look if they were in classic action figure form. Makes me want to start a petition to bring back these figures.

Anyways, check out these amazing pieces of art work and really appreciate how true to detail they are.

WWF Hasbro 1990 Roster Poster by jasonwulf

Find more here…http://jasonwulf.deviantart.com/gallery/26928887?offset=0

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