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Why I love Dave Foley


If you live in Canada (like I do), you’ve recently seen the resurrection of the career of a comedy genius…Dave Foley. It might not be so much of a resurrection, but maybe it’s an acknowledgement of his brand of humor and years of great work. Dave is now the center and star of CTV’s new hit series Spun Out. Although I must admit, I really dislike this program. It’s just a poorly written and poorly executed office sitcom. Despite this it still hasn’t changed my opinion of Dave Foley. He’s one of the few comedian/actors out there who has made way more bad movies/TV shows than good, but still withholds a reputation of being brilliant. Why’s that? Just watch below….

Dave was one of the founding members of the famed Canadian comedy group Kids in the Hall. Kids in the Hall had a five season run on CBC, pushing boundaries with every sketch. The popularity of their show went as far as a feature film. They were so good that when they finished their series Lorne Michaels (who also executive produced their show) offered the cast main spots on Saturday Night Live. The kids didn’t take the slots (other than Mark McKinney) and they would all venture solo.

Dave would be one of the most scene kids with his role in News Radio and his appearances in many B comedies. His dry, dean pan sense of humor will make any B comedy worth while (Maybe not Spun Out though…). But there is no denying that his hay-day and best work was with the kids. Who can forget Daddy Drank? or Girl Drink Drunk? or even his tits in Body Conscious?



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