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Jim Henson Production’s Dog City


Now this brings back memories. For those of you who don’t remember Dog City, it was a Jim Henson Production’s animated series that ran from 92 – 94 on FOX. In Canada it was rerun’d all the way up until 2000 on Teletoon. It started as a 39 minute TV movie which featured a mix between puppetry and cartoon animation. It of course spun into a 31 episode series.

The cartoon portion of the show followed Ace Hart a canine private investigator, while the Muppet portions focused on the Ace’s interaction with his animator Eliot Shag. Both were German Shepherds. Eliot would illustrate the stories while Ace would traverse through them, solving mysteries and saving the day.

It was actually a pretty inventive show for its time and had fun breaking the fourth wall with Ace’s and Elliot’s conversations.

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