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Would you rather have The Nanny or Mr. Nanny?


You either loved Fran Drescher or absolutely hated her. She had a certain sex appeal about her that would attract men and a whiny high pitched voice that would repeal them at the same time. She was funny though. Funny enough to get 6 seasons and a movie! (Abed would be proud) She got six season as the star of the somewhat popular CBS sitcom The Nanny, and at the height of it’s popularity starred in a feature film where she played a similar (but not the same) character in The Beautician and the Beast.

I never really watched the Nanny when it was on in the mid 1990s. I might have been too young to enjoy it at the time, or perhaps I didn’t relate to it’s humor which skewed towards females. The show took a little bit to pick up momentum and was nearly cancelled early on due to poor ratings. Apparently Jeff Sagansky (CBS president at the time) had to constantly say during affiliate meetings “Stick by The Nanny!” He knew it would turn into something special. The show also have one of the more memorable TV openings consisting of a catchy song and a clever cartoon…

I often wondered as a kid who I’d rather have watch me should my parents decided they needed a night out: The Nanny or Mr. Nanny. Of course by Mr. Nanny, I’m referring to the 1993 film starring Oscar Nominated Actor sometimes actor Terry Hulk Hogan.

I would be afraid of the Hulk eating my family out of house and home, dude is a beast. But then again, he can protect us against any Gremlin attacks. Who would you pick?

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