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The World’s Most Famous Arena


This week I have the privilege of attending an event for the first time at New York’s Madison Square Garden, dubbed the World’s Most Famous Arena. I’ve always heard about the importance of “The Garden” in sporting events, but I often thought what make MSG so much more than say Toronto’s ACC?

MSG first opened it’s doors on February 11, 1968. It was then refereed to as Madison Square Garden IV, as there were three other arenas in NYC that closed beforehand. Sometimes called the “Mecca”, MSG is the oldest arena in the NHL, 2nd oldest in the NBA and the 3rd busiest music arena in the world (in terms of ticket sales) only behind the Manchester Arena and O2. Home of the New York Knicks, Rangers and residency of Billy-Joel, the Garden is also known for it’s incredible Boxing and Wrestling history. From Muhammad Ali to Bruno Sammartino, the Garden has hosted some of the most historic moments in sports. During his 10 year reign as heavyweight champion, Bruno Sammartino sold out the Garden a record 187 times defending his championship.

Pandemonium and Spectacle, MSG in the heart of New York City is truly one of a kind.



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