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“We are the E, E, E, E, E, Ewoks”: Ewoks Cartoon


Growing up Return of the Jedi was my favourite Star Wars movie. It still is, but I do see the childish aspects to it more clearly now and fully understand that Empire Strikes Back is the better movie overall.

The main reason I loved Return of the Jedi so much were the Ewoks. I LOVED the Ewoks! The cartoon didn’t have a huge impact on me looking back. I really only remember that the main Ewok was named Wicket and (like so many shows I have stumbled across lately) the opening theme song seems to be permanently embedded in brain. Although for the life of me I could not tell you what the actually words to the song are, I think I would just make up my own version as a child after the “E,E,E,E,E, Ewoks” part.

The cartoon was only on TV for 2 seasons and only ran 35 episodes between the years 1985-1986. I guess people only liked the Ewoks as side characters and didn’t really care much about their day to day lives, but that didn’t stop them from making a live-action movie!

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