70s, Comic Books
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Live from New York…It’s Spider-Man!

Spider-Man and the cast of SNL

Back in 1978 mind-altering drugs were all the rage. Need proof? I give you exhibit A: The comic book featured above.

Apparently the plot for this gem was that Peter Parker (AKA Spider-man) and Mary Jane were attending a taping of Saturday Night Live and guess who was the host of the show that episode? Nope not the delightful Elliot Gould, it was in fact the creator of Spider-Man, Stan Lee. Yup. So the fictional characters of Spider-Man and Mary Jane swung by 30 Rockefeller to catch a live taping of SNL which just happened to be hosted by the individual that created them. That would be like me showing up to SNL and to see God host. Sorry Buddha, I believe in Buddha.

But I digress, at some point The Silver Samurai crashes the party and it’s up to Spider-man and the Not Ready For Prime Time Players to save the day! I’m sure in the end they win and this is still an anecdote that Lorne Michaels tells to Paul Simon and Chevy Chase regularly.


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