90s, Toys
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Blurp Balls…They make you want to Blurp!


Here is another weird toy from the 90s….Blurp Balls. These toys first produced in 1991 were considered knock offs of the very popular MadBalls. Blurp Balls had six different characters: Boney Tossteeth, T-Retch, Count Have-A-Heart, Spittooey Sooey, Biff Barfball, Sharkey Skullsquert, Retch-A-Rat Tomcat, and Croakey Bugchuck. Unlike MadBalls which were a tennis sized rubber ball character, Blurp Balls were a character that would spit or blurp out a small ball of it’s own…..the toy sucked and didn’t last long on the market.

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