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The Beach Boys on Full House


Remember when you were a kid and you kept making your parents watch Full House. Well guess what? Your parents hated it and you for making them watch and that’s probably why your dad left.

Hey remember when I said that mean stuff about your parents hating you and your dad leaving? Well I meant every word of it! Suck it!

Hey, remember when I said your parents hate you and your dad left because you made him watch Full House, then I said I meant every word? Well I didn’t actually mean it. I’m sorry, I’m just upset because I bought I lottery ticket for the first time and I didn’t win. I guess I’ll buy two next time, then I’ll be a shoe in!

Anywho, getting back to watching Full House with your parents. The writers realized to bring in your parents as viewers they would have to offer them a bit of Nostalgia. Enter, The Beach Boys. Making a couple appearances over the years (mostly because John Stamos was in the band at the time. Oh year, true story). These Beach Boy visits are now some of the Nostalgiest of Nostalgic episodes ever! I mean look at the levels of Nostalgia? Remember Full House? Remember The Beach Boys? Remember The Beach Boys on Full House?

Enjoy the clips!

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