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Childhood Ruined: Looney Toons was pretty racist


We all knew Porky Pig was anti-semitic (which is ironic because Jewish people don’t even eat pork) but who knew all the Looney Toons all had such a racist past? Well, honestly everyone did. It’s no secret that Looney Toons and Disney had some pretty awful cartoons back in the day.

One such cartoon was ‘All this rabbit stew’ from back in 1941. The cartoon is described by Matt Crowley (Splitsider.com) as:

In many ways, this short resembles a typical Elmer Fudd hunting rabbit scenario, but where Fudd’s stupidity is generic, the African American hunter’s is specifically racial. Obsessed with playing craps, the hunter loses the very clothes on his back to Bugs, leaving him with only a leaf covering his crotch. Bugs pulls that off too during the iris out — taking the hunter’s last shred of dignity with him.

Crowley has actually written a great piece at Splitsider (Click here to check it out) which goes more in depth about Looney Toons racist past.

As for me, I’m going to fight the good fight and work to get Daffy Duck the right to vote!

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