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Nostalgia Inducing: The Creatures of Yes

We all know seeing stuff from our childhood can bring us feelings of Nostalgia but can we get that same feeling when watching something created recently? I would say yes, and if you ask the good people at The Workshop of Experimental Magic & Light (WEML) they would probably say yes too. I mean, it’s right there in the title of this project: The Creatures of Yes.

The basic breakdown of these unique videos is as follows:

All the videos are made with old equipment: CRT video cameras, analog synthesizers, practical effects, etc. It’s sort of a time travel experiment. Using just the same methods they did in 1977, these videos could have been made just as they are in 1977.

Jacob Graham of WEML asks the interesting question: Can one create something brand new that instantly induces nostalgia?

I believe they are doing just that. While not triggering a direct Nostalgic memory, The Creatures of Yes definitely insight an emotional feeling on that same level with the familiarity that is shared by so many shows from our childhood (i.e. Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, etc). But you be the judge. Check out a couple of their videos below and see and read more at their website which itself is straight out of the 70s (if they had websites back then).


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