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Ready to Rumble….the movie

In 1998 it seemed like a great idea to make a movie about WCW wrestling back when WCW was the height of its popularity. However, in 2000 when the movie was released, WCW was falling fast in popularity and was on the brink of collapse. That is the unfortunate timing of Ready To Rumble, the Time Warner comedy about the zany world of professional wrestling and it’s hardcore fans. Starring David Arquette as an obsessed fan, he vows to help save the career of Jimmy King (Oliver Platt) and regain the World Heavyweight Title from the evil Diamond Dallas Page.

It had its moments, some bad, some good. Overall it was pretty entertaining but because of WCW’s fan base switching over to WWE, the movie failed to make back it $25 million budget. In a desperate ploy to receive mainstream media attention, WCW had David Arquette compete in wrestling matches and win the World Heavyweight Title…the same title that was once worn by greats like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan and Dusty Rhodes. The stunt got them attention, but unfortunately for them it was negative. WCW lost credibility, and gave fans even more reason to switch to WWE.

A year later, WCW was bumped from television which allowed WWE to purchase the company for a rumored 3 million dollars. The David Arquette and Ready to Rumble movie is often a dark spot in the history of the once great wrestling company. Although, the movie did bring us this Bif Naked music video…

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