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“You call that a knife”: Knifey Spoony now a real game…kinda

Well Reddit user Alhsoor has posted photos of a homemade Knifey Spooney game.

Now when that annoying friend who is constantly quoting The Simpsons says to you “I see you’ve played Knifey Spoony before” you can answer “Yeah Ben, I actually have. Now kindly put on some pants before the rest of our dinner guest arrive”.

Someone named Rich brought the game of Knifey Spoony to life as a 30th birthday gift for someone named Em. They both win a the game of life.

*Note: I mean the game of life as in real life, not the popular game by Milton Bradley.

More pictures below of this great game complete with the rules. Enjoy.

And what an intense game it is.

Best. Birthday. Present. Ever.



A game in which two or more players compare knives the player with the largest knife is the winner.

However. any player may choose to use a spoon instead of a knife. Any spoon beats any knife, but a player with a spoon is disqualified if another player recognizes and announces his or her use of a spoon.

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