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Not Going Anywhere For Awhile? Grab a Snickers

Not only is Snickers the best chocolate bar going, it has consistently had some of the funnier ads over the years. In the late 90s they put out their “Not Going Anywhere For Awhile?” series of commercials that I thought were hilarious. I had totally forgotten about those ads until I watched the Kansas City Chiefs game on TV and asked a friend if he had seen the classic Snickers commercial where the Chiefs’ end zone was painted incorrectly. He hadn’t and the idea for this post was born! (there’s a little peek into how the magic works at The Nostalgia Blog).

All 3 commercials are pretty funny but the “Batman” one is an all time favorite of mine. Enjoy.






I bet this actually happens in the NFL more than we think…

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  1. Clpollock says

    There was another one … 2 Cleveland Browns fans waiting for a game in Cleveland after the team moved to Baltimore… Classic commercial but it cannot be found …Does anyone else remember it

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