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Blow Away Diet by Playboy Buddy Rose


This is what is categorized as “WrestleCrap”. Playboy Buddy Rose was professional wrestler in the 1970s – 90s. He achieved moderate success in the WWF and AWA in the 80s and returned to the WWF in 1990. However, when he returned to the World Wrestling Federation in the 90s, he was struggling with weight issues, something that would trouble him throughout his life and leading to his death in 2009. The WWF knew they had a good talent but didn’t know how to address his appearance. In a poor attempt at comic relief, they came up with the Buddy Rose Blow Away Diet. This was a goof on “As Seen on TV” infomercials. What resulted is something cheesy, funny, crappy and somewhat-entertaining. Enjoy.


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  1. Shirley PARSONS says

    We had this on an old vhs but it got lost.we were trying to find it again. it’s one of our top five from wwe. we laughed so hard.good to see it again.Shirley Parsons NOVA SCOTIA.

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