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Throwback Thursdays! David Bowie….kind of

For the second time in a month were are sadly doing a Throwback Thursday dedicated to someone we have lost. This time it is the LEGEND David Bowie. I know your page feeds, streaming services and social media has been bombarded with tons of Bowie originals, so instead of that I thought I would do something a little different. With that, I give you some of the better David Bowie covers. I usually feature this in our ongoing piece Covers vs Originals (in fact one of these has already been in one such post) but for now let’s put all that aside and remember what a great influence David Bowie had on the music community and enjoy some of that community honoring his work in their own way. Enjoy.


“The Man Who Sold World” Nirvana


“Heroes” The Wallflowers


“Sound and Vision” Beck


“Golden Years” James Murphy


“Let’s Dance” EL VY


“Space Oddity” Chris Hadfield (FROM SPACE! It’s come full circle people!)

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