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Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven

From Elvis Presley to Jimmy Hendrix to Kurt Cobain, these are all genius individuals who left their stamp on music and died too soon. These are the icons of Rock N’ Roll, who during their short stay, made an impression so great that we remember hearing the news of their passing and wondering what they would have done if they stayed on this earth a little longer. While we may never know what they would have done, we can know what they would have looked like.

PR agency Sachs Media Group has created the Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven Series, a collection of photos guesstimating what 13 gone-too-soon musicians would look like today.

Jimi Hendrix (71)

jimi hendrix-thennow

Keith Moon (67)

keith moon-thennow

Karen Carpenter (63)

karen carpenter-thennow

Jim Morrison (70)


John Lennon (73)

john lennon-thennow

Dennis Wilson (63)

dennis wilson-thennow

Kurt Cobain (46)


Cass Elliot (72)


Bob Marley (68)


Bobby Darin (77)


Elvis (78)


Janis Joplin (70)

janis joplin-thennow

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