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Worst Album Covers of ALL TIME!

The album cover is a bit of a lost art now that the majority of music is purchased online. Now-a-days anyone can slap a JPEG next to their tracks and call it a day. But, years ago, even before the days of MTV’s wide release, music sometimes would be purchased based on the genre/album artwork. Sure, we often bought records based on recommendations or what we’ve heard on the radio. But, there were those odd times when we wanted to find something new. It was during these times that the album cover was at it’s most importance. Unfortunately for these guys, they failed miserable….

Worst Album Covers 1

Worst Album Covers 2Worst Album Covers 7Worst Album Covers 12Worst Album Covers 14Worst Album Covers 15Worst Album Covers 18Worst Album Covers 23Worst Album Covers 28Worst Album Covers 42Worst Album Covers 44Worst Album Covers 45Worst Album Covers 47Worst Album Covers 48


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