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The Swedish Chef

The Muppets in general are pretty fantastic, but I don’t think there are many Muppets (or any other children’s tv characters) that are as crazy funny as The Swedish Chef.

As a kid, Animal was always my favorite Muppet. And why not? He was loud, crazy and you could hardly understand what he was saying. Then one day I asked my dad who his favorite Muppet was. I was expecting a typical dad answer of Kermit or Fozzy but to my surprise, he quickly responded by saying his favorite was The Swedish Chef. I was so caught off-guard by that statement. I mean, I hadn’t even considered The Swedish Chef as being a great character…until that moment.

I started paying more close attention to The Swedish Chef and realized that he met all of my criteria for what I looked for in a Muppet. He was loud, crazy and you could hardly understand what he was saying (plus he had human hands!). From that day I was hooked on the chef and still think he is the funniest Muppet. Anyone who says otherwise, I say this to you:


Now here are some Swedish Chef videos. Enjoy!

Swedish Chef for SportsCenter


Making Donuts


Muppet Family Christmas


Various Classic Scenes


Robot Chicken

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