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Covers vs Originals (pt.7): “Come on Eileen”

It’s not uncommon to compare one-hit-wonders against one another, but how often are those hits the same song?

Well that is the case in this installment of Covers vs Originals. Back in 1982, Dexy’s Midnight Runners, a little band out of England broke onto the music scene with the huge hit “Come On Eileen”. That would pretty much be there only hit.

Cut to 1997 and a little ska band out of California called Save Ferris (obscurely named after a reference from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) decides to cover “Come on Eileen” which results in the biggest hit of that band’s career.

So there you have it. Two bands having one hit with the same song. But I ask you, whose version do you enjoy more?

Original: Dexy’s Midnight Runners, released 1982, from album Too-Rye-Ay


Cover: Save Ferris, released 1997, from album It Means Everything

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  1. I’d never heard the cover before. It’s awesome. I love the original but also like the cover both for different reasons. Great post and great series!

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