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I should be better at this: Name The Game

Well I went 0 for 10 on this (in fact there were 4 games I had never even heard of).

This is the first episode in a new YouTube series titled Name The Game where Hosts Brodie and Evan test their (and your) classic video game music knowledge. And guess what? Unlike that asshole older brother (or friend’s older brother) you had growing up, these guys actually want you to play along!

It breaks down like this:

They take turns listening to a song, trying to name what video game it comes from. The songs get more and more obscure, so the later ones are really hard to guess. They encourage people watching to comment and let them know on how many they guessed right. Basically they are just seeing if they wasted/had a more nerdy childhood than the rest of us. Future episodes will include themes such as NES tunes, Sega songs, and episodes dedicated to songs from specific game franchises such as Mega Man and Sonic.

I actually found this to be quite enjoyable to watch if only for the fact that I was determined to get at least one right and just destroy them in the comments section. However, as I mentioned, I went 0 for 10 and promptly sent them the ownership papers to my car. That’s what you have to do if you lose right? I wasn’t really paying attention to that part.

Enjoy the video.


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