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What did I just watch?: Michael J. Fox’s hockey short film for David Letterman’s film fest

Hey kids! It’s all 5’5 and 140lbs of Michael J. Fox playing a brawling hockey player/violinist? Yup that is the premise for Fox’s short film for David Letterman’s 1986 film festival.

Fox took his $40,000 budget and decided to create a film that would combine two entirely contrasting worlds — the orchestra and the game of hockey. In this four and a half minute short film, Fox plays the role of both a beer league hockey player and a violinist, as both characters journey through an evening at a local rink that boasts a live symphony orchestra performing a score to go along with the game.

Sound weird? Well it is. But weird means it’s good right? I mean, if I think this is bad I am stupid right? So it’s good?…Art hurts my brain.

Tell you what, why don’t you watch it and tell me if its good. Sound like a plan? Cool. Enjoy.


For the record here is Michael J. Fox explaining his short film with Letterman…

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