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Wow ‘Lazy Sunday’ was 10 years ago

Saturday Night Live has been my favorite show for as long as I can remember. It was a Saturday night staple for me. Even if I went out for the night, I would record SNL so I didn’t miss a thing. 10 years ago (which really blows my mind yet at the same time seems about right), I stayed in and watched Saturday Night Live and magic happened. I don’t remember anything else about the episode except for an amazing sketch titled ‘Lazy Sunday’. In short, it was Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell rapping about how they are going to see the movie The Chronicles of Narnia. On paper, it seems kind of funny but watching it blew my mind! I couldn’t believe how funny it was but probably the most amazing part was that the song itself was actually pretty good on it’s own.

One of my roommates who stayed in that night happened to be watching SNL in his room. As soon as ‘Lazy Sunday’ aired, he came bursting into my room and said “Did you just see that?!!! That was amazing!”

The next day we were trying to describe the video to our other roommates and decided to look try to see if someone posted it on the internet. Lo and behold, we stumbled upon the sketch on some site called YouTube. That’s right! I first heard of YouTube because of ‘Lazy Sunday’. The sketch also was the first to make the statement that Google Maps is the best (which it is) “True that, DOUBLE TRUE!”

In honor of this crazy anniversary, Variety has done an oral history piece on the hit sketch which you can read here. And just like most SNL sketches, I have no idea how to end this…Enjoy!

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