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Room Brought to Life with amazing Super Mario Murals

This a a room that was completely transformed with some amazing Super Mario murals. Apparently it was done by some fine gentleman named Matt. Here is what the person on Imgur had to say about his pal:

This is my friend, Matt. I met him at work, at a low-paying job. He works his butt off, and he painted this room as a favor/a “thank you” for a friend. It’s been a year or two, but seeing as I’ve just met him, I think this deserves love now. We all do every once in a while. He’s a genuine person in a world of nots, and he did a phenomenal job with this art. (First time the bastard actually painted, too.) He also does tattoo art, short films, and a ton of other creative stuff.

Matt sounds like a pretty swell guy. We all need a Matt like that in our lives. I know a Matt, he co-created this blog with my 4 years ago and now only writes about 3 posts a year. He says it is because he injured his hand when he pulled my unconscious body from that burning car and hasn’t been able to type much since. That was like 8 days ago! What have you done for me lately?

Enjoy the pictures! Oh and check out the whole process here.













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