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Happy Top Gun Day!

Well folks it’s been 30 years since God wrote the greatest movie ever, handed it down to Tony Scott and said “make this masterpiece”. And so it was done, it it was done perfectly.

To celebrate Top Gun Day (oh yeah, it’s a real thing, are you really that surprised?) we are dipping into The Nostalgia Blog archives and re-visiting some posts we have done on this amazing movie through the years. How good are our posts? Well ask Goose himself:

Don’t listen to him, he’s just mad because he, ya know, died.

Enjoy the posts!

Top Gun Episode (back when we actually filmed stuff)


Throwback Thursdays: Danger Zone Edition


Re-Cut Movie Trailers (featuring Top Gun):


Top Gun Honest Trailer:


Top Gun Shot for Shot Homemade Remake:


Top Gun on NES:


Things You Might Not Know About Top Gun

Just click on the title above to read the post.








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